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Fairfax Events is a leader in mass participation outdoor running and swimming events. The high rates of participation reflect the diversity in our communities. Fairfax Events supports the participation of transgender/transsexual people in our sporting events subject to the measures set out in this guideline to address any unfair competitive advantage.

This guideline applies to sporting events organised by Fairfax Events. The measures provided for by this guideline are consistent with Fairfax Events’ obligations under relevant discrimination laws in the context of running single sex sporting competitions.

In preparing this guideline, Fairfax Events has had regard to relevant policies/guidelines adopted by Australian sporting bodies, including Athletics Australia. However, this guideline also takes into account that our events are not purely run for the sake of competition, but for community and social benefit. For many entrants, competing against others is not the primary objective.  


Female to male transgender/transsexual participants are eligible to compete in any Fairfax Event, and in any category, without restrictions.

Except for the elite category (or equivalent), male to female transgender/transsexual participants are eligible to compete in any Fairfax Event in the female category provided they notify Fairfax Events of their transgender status by no later than one (1) month prior to the event in which they seek to compete.

Male to female transgender/transsexual participants are eligible to compete in Fairfax Events in the elite category (or equivalent) in the female category provided they meet the criteria set out below.

A male to female transgender/transsexual participant who fails to notify Fairfax Event of their intention to compete in a female category (including a non-elite category) in accordance with this guideline may be deemed ineligible to compete, place and/or win a prize.

Criteria for elite category

  • The transgender/transsexual participant has notified Fairfax Events of her case as soon as possible and, in any event, no later than one (1) month before the event in which she seeks to compete.  

  • Legal recognition of that transgender/transsexual participant’s assigned sex has been conferred by the appropriate official authorities (e.g. sex recognition certificate) and a copy provided to Fairfax Events.

  • Medical opinion provided by the participant’s doctor addressing the following:

    1. details of the hormonal therapy administered to the participant; and
    2. confirmation that the duration of the hormonal therapy has, in the doctor’s opinion, been sufficient to minimise gender related advantages in competitive sport having regard to the participant’s strength, stamina and build.

Confidentiality and privacy

All cases that are notified to Fairfax Events under this guideline shall be treated in strict confidence with access restricted to people who need to know.

Fairfax Events collects personal information to review a potential participant’s eligibility to compete in a Fairfax Event under this guideline and to facilitate the registration process for events. Personal information is handled in accordance with Fairfax Media’s Privacy Policy.