Swimming Training Plans Courtesy of JTMultisport

The Cole Classic has beginner and advanced level programs for the 1km, 2km and 5km swim events thanks to James Thorp, founder and head coach of JTMultisport. A highly respected professional triathlete in his own right, James is also a Triathlon Australia Accredited Development Coach. After completing a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology at the University of Toledo, Ohio in the USA, James is now based in Sydney and coaches swimmers, runners, cyclists and multisport athletes both in person and through online training. 

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James’ programs are developed to be challenging and interesting and to ensure you reach the start line with the confidence needed to have a successful day at the Cole Classic. Find out more about JTMultisport here.

If you are looking forward to your next challenge, JTMultisport is offering Cole Classic competitors 20% off their first training plan. Simply visit www.jtmultisport.com.au/contact and enquire with the subject COLE20. Have a great race!

1km Swim Training Plans

2km Swim Training Plans

5km Swim Training Plans

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