Training for the Sun Run

Run Theory is thrilled to be the official training partner of Sydney’s iconic Sydney Morning Herald Sun Run and are offering every Sun Run participant the ability to train with our Intelligent Running & Recovery coach free of charge.


What is Run Theory?

Run Theory is a next generation training experience.  An intelligent running and recovery coach designed to help athletes run faster and injury free.

Run Theory achieves this through the 'science of speed', a data driven approach to athlete development that combines cutting edge running science, world class coaching and machine learning.

This level of training intelligence, which was once only accessible to elite athletes, is now available to runners everywhere and of every ability.  The result is a personalised and adaptive training experience designed to get you Sun Run ready!

What to expect when training with Run Theory

Run Theory’s Intelligent Running & Recovery Coach is available to download in the Apple App and Google Play Stores.

Once you’ve joined Run Theory, you can access your personalised Sun Run 7K or 10K training programs under the app’s Event tab.

Every training session in your program will be personalised to you and your current athletic ability, from beginner to elite and everything in between.­

What next?

First, we recommend that anyone engaging in a new fitness program consult their doctor before doing so.  It’s always wise to get the OK from a medical professional.

Follow the simple instructions below to download the app and start training now!