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Hydration for Life

Fluids & electrolytes are both key to hydration and performance. To maintain a healthy hydration status, electrolytes should be replaced during and after exercise lasting longer than 30 minutes.
Electrolytes aid in muscle performance and recovery, mental awareness, cramp prevention, and overall hydration, health and wellness.

nuun is designed to keep you hydrated where ever your active lifestyle takes you. One tablet of nuun in 500ml of water has the balance of water and electrolytes your body needs to stay hydrated during activity or rehydrate after so you feel and perform better.

nuun drink tabs are convenient and portable, low in sugar, made from clean, plant-based ingredients, vegan, dairy & gluten-free and certified clean for sport. They also taste great! 

What are the different nuuns?

nuun Vitamins - 11 vitamins & minerals + electrolytes for hydration.

nuun Active -  electrolytes for hydration to replace what you sweat out.

nuun Boost -  electrolytes, caffeine, and b vitamins for hydration with an energy boost.