Joint Course Map

Preferred Course (weather dependent)


Alternate Course Map

The Race Committee will conduct a conditions assessment on the morning of the event and if the conditions are too dangerous at Manly Beach then the contingency swim will be implemented and swimmers will finish at Shelly Beach.

In the event that the 5km swim is deemed too dangerous for swimmers and a reduced swim is not an option, all 5km participants will be given the opportunity to participate in the 1km and/or 2km swim. This will be advised by the announcer on the morning of the event.

Time Restrictions

Event Distance (approx.) Time
1km Finish Line 30 minutes
2km Finish Line 60 minutes
5km 3km 90 minutes
5km 4km 120 minutes

Race Day Preparation Checklist


Please ensure you have the following before heading to the start line, visit Race HQ on the day for any assistance. 

  • Please be wearing your coloured swim cap
  • Have your ankle timing chip fastened to your ankle; failure to do so will result in a disqualification
  • Have your yellow wristband displaying your race number around your wrist. Your wristband will also be your ID tag to utilise the baggage service.