Funds Raised


By Jordan Pearson

We all have different reasons for why we get involved in fun runs or challenge ourselves with an ocean swim and for the clever ducks out there maybe you will do both! So many of the amazing event participants are raising funds for a charity close to their heart.

Let us tell you why you will want to become a charity SUPERSTAR…

  1. If the event you have had your eyes set on has sold out, that’s not a problem for you my star as your charity has special extra spaces available.

  2. Because you are a star, everyone on event day will know as you will be wearing a RAINBOW bib with your name on it! Special details apply on this one.

  3. Charity Superstars entry is covered by the charity as a thank you!

How do you become one of these fabulous stars you ask? Select any of the charities listed on our website and you can complete the expression of interest form.

Once you are in, here are our top tips to make sure you are the ultimate charity superstar that you can be.

  • Reach out to your network, remember the old saying ‘you don’t get what you don’t ask for’ this definitely applies for peer to peer fundraising!

  • Social media is an effective way to get your message out there, however, if you really want to be a success, DM people, email or text them! If you personalise your message, you’re likely to get people donating. Especially if it’s a cause you’re passionate about. If you’ve got a professional network add your online fundraising link at the end of your signature. This way those who you come in contact will donate to you because they will be aware you’re trying to get donations.

  • Hold an event to raise money for your cause, such as tournaments, quiz nights, clothes swaps, dinner parties, themed gatherings, is a great way to raise funds and get your family, friends and colleagues together. It’s also an opportunity to spread your message far and wide across your networks.

  • There is still time to do a spring clean, hold a garage sale with your second hand goods (ask your friends if they would be keen to donate their unwanted goods for a great cause!) Also if you let buyers know that the funds will be going to your charity, they may pay the price ticketed and maybe less likely to hassle with you!

  • If you work in an office you can always hold a morning tea session by asking those who attend to bring a gold coin to make a donation or make an online donation. People love baking, so ask those who can, to create some goods to help you raise your funds

  • Your company may even have a match giving scheme, check with your HR team to find out if they offer this opportunity

  • General theme - keep on letting people know you’re fundraising, if you don’t shout about it, no one else will do it for you!

We’ve loaded you up with our top tips and we will keep our eyes peeled on our fundraising leaderboard to see how you are going!

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