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Taking on an ocean swim, particularly if it’s your first attempt, can really get the nerves going, but it doesn’t have to!

First things first, remember you’re doing this for fun, so in the words of Marie Kondo, this swim should ‘bring you joy’ – if it’s not, why are you doing it?

Now that you’ve established that this swim will bring you joy, let’s go about making your swim as enjoyable and worry-free as possible.

Night before

  • Eat foods you would usually eat and avoid high fibre meals

  • Check over all your equipment and pack your bags with your official race pack, gear and equipment (including spares) and snacks

  • Read through the Cole Classic event schedule, confirm your wave start time and know the public transport timetable or parking options

  • Get to bed early and read to take your mind off the event and help reduce anxiety

Swim day

  • Consume a light snack high in GI carbohydrates and a small amount of protein 2-3 hours before the event (but nothing new!)

  • Get to Manly and check in early, take public transport to avoid stressful driving and parking conditions

  • Take the time to view as much of the course as possible, focusing on where you’re likely to return to the beach through the surf (ideally over a sandbank)

2019 Cole Classic Course Map

2019 Cole Classic Course Map

  • Leave your gear with a friend or in the gear check at the Manly end of the swim, or have a friend follow you to Shelly if you’d like to stay dressed until the start

  • Take your mind off the start by talking to other participants and doing a short warm up and stretch

  • Keep hydrated, apply sunscreen and stay in the shade until you’re called to the start line.


During swim

  • Choose your position on the start line depending on how you want to compete; the front is competitive, the back to take it easy

  • Don’t go out too hard at the start, get yourself into a comfortable rhythm and save some energy for the finish through the waves

  • When finishing through the waves, keep an eye behind you for waves, then ride them to shore until your hands touch the sand

  • Your body can handle a lot more than your mind thinks it can, so keep going and surprise yourself!

Cole Classic 2017

Cole Classic 2017


Post swim

  • Make the most of the finish, raise your arms in celebration, smile for the camera and collect your finishes medal

  • If you’re feeling tight, cool down with some light exercise and then dress up warm until you get to shower and change

  • Rehydrate immediately and eat within one hour of finishing to repair muscles, refuel energy stores and support your immune system

  • Make sure you share stories with other participants, thank the volunteers and check your result!

Cole Classic 2018 (Image by @monikabranleyphotography)

Cole Classic 2018 (Image by @monikabranleyphotography)