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By Jordan McCreary

Jordan McCreary Director of 18 x F45 Studios and Activate Health Clinics talks all things race prep and why it’s not too late for you to get involved.

Holding onto your summer holidays? What better way to get back into 2019 and your health and fitness goals than entering the Sun Run – Cole Classic!  Well that’s exactly what I did.

With a little over 1 week until race day I’ve been loving the change up of adding swimming and running (and the combo of both) into my training routine.


If you haven’t been focusing on these disciplines fear not! There is a still a week until race day and definitely an event for you.  Let’s talk all things race prep, baseline fitness and how to prep your body for race day.

  1. The 7km or 10km Sun Run, 2km Cole Classic Open water swim or the aquathon – What to choose?  This is where you should know you baseline! Pick an event that will challenge you just the right amount and put you out of your comfort zone just a little. If you go with the shorter run option make sure you aim for a fast time!

  2. One week to go means only minor gains in fitness can be made.  It’s all about preparing your body for the event and ensuring you are confident.

  • Get out for a jog! – Don’t stop running until the 1 day before race day but scale back your speed, distance and training load to allow your body time to recover prior to the day

  • Swim the distance! Jump in the pool or ocean and hit that race distance! You’ll find if you have done the full race distance prior to race day you will enjoy race day so much more and can focus on getting the most out of your race and performance on the day.

  • Plan your race! – Know your strategy, if you are going to go out hard and try and hold on, or start slow and build up to a finish!

  • Keep your diet the same! I’m not a big believer in the old ‘carb loading for performance’ so scrap the pizza and pasta till post race and stick to you normal diet until race day

  • Grab a mate to do the event with you! you’ll be surprised how much better you’ll perform with some support and a little friendly competition (see our competition below

I’m giving away 3 x Double passes to the race – to enter like @activatehealthclinics @f45trainingmanly and @sunruncoleclassic on instagram and post a photo tagging your training buddy and the 3 accounts above! Entries close wed the 30th at 12pm

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