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By Jordan Pearson

There’s two types of people in this world - people who love running and those who can’t stand it. Look, we’ll be honest, not everyone here LOVES running either and that’s okay but we also have some serious die hard running advocates.

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Our advice for those not so die hard running fans is to continue reading….

  1. Running is hard work, we’re not going to lie, but walking/strolling/cruising with your pals along Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches coastline is a breeze, mainly because you’re moving slower and can take in more of the those stunning views.  

  2. While you’re cruising with your favourite friends, most likely in your most #fashun worthy activewear, you can take an Insta selfie for the gram. Also great content for your stories with such great vibes about.

3. As a new walking/strolling/cruising fan you can make a difference with the steps you’re taking. Raise funds for a cause that is close to your heart and have your friends and family support you in doing so. In fact, if you’re really cool and we know you are, you should look into becoming a charity superstar! Who are these fabulous rainbow bibbed stars you ask? All your questions are answered here.

4. Lastly, once you cross the finish line in gorgeous Manly you’ll l receive your medal (wear it to the office on Monday for some team praise and you can spoil yourself with some yummy treats and enjoy all the live action in our event village.

(Everyone in your office on Monday Feb 4 because you conquered Sun Run!)

(Everyone in your office on Monday Feb 4 because you conquered Sun Run!)

Enter before Tuesday Jan 22 and save $10 off the final price of entry. Whether you chose to complete in the 7km or 10km course, we’ll see you on the start line Feb 2.

Enter now!